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Xigera Camp

Xigera Camp
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Enjoy an exclusive safari holiday at the Xigera luxury tented lodge, located on a private island, deep within the Okavango Delta.

Xigera is a completely secluded luxury tented camp located deep within the Okavango Delta, being accessible only by light aircraft. Nestled in a magnificent riverine forest, Xigera consists of luxuriously furnished tented rooms that have been mounted on wooden decks to blend into the natural surroundings and to afford a superb view of the floodplain. Wooden walkways winding through the forest connect the rooms to the main living area where guests can enjoy cool refreshments in the thatched lounge or in the plunge pool overlooking the waterhole. Permanent water all year round allows one to enjoy an unparalleled variety of activities including foot safaris, mokoro trips, game drives and powerboat outings in total privacy. One of the great secrets of the Xigera operation is the presence of Okavango born tribesmen as guides whose knowledge of the area is unrivalled.

Xigera is a luxury tented camp in the Moremi Game Reserve and is situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Access to Xigera is by light aircraft only.