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South Africa

Travel tips for South Africa TRAVEL TIPS - South Africa is sometimes described as "a world in one country". This may be a rather audacious statement, but it's an absolutely accurate one. It's the land of the Cape of Good Hope's Mediterranean shores, the baking deserts of the Karoo, rolling savannah grasslands, towering mountain ranges, vast unspoilt wildernesses, and modern, cosmopolitan cities. South Africa positively bursts with variety.

Washed by two oceans, South Africa's coastline alone is a natural wonder. The Atlantic-facing West Coast is a dry region of distinctive flora and fauna, from the utterly unique Fynbos floral kingdom of the Western Cape to the wind-scorched deserts of the north, dotted with quaint fishing villages. The East Coast is a lush, verdant region, with surfing spots aplenty and countless picturesque seaside towns.

But don't let these magnificent coastlands distract you from South Africa's interior. Immense game reserves, teeming with Africa's Big Five, are a complete and thrilling adventure in themselves. South Africa is a wildlife destination par excellence.

South Africa's wonders are scarcely limited to the natural. Her history is a long one, and although the Apartheid era of racial segregation has long passed, its defeat is never forgotten. The modern, cosmopolitan, egalitarian South African "Rainbow Nation" commemorates its victory over Apartheid in many moving monuments that no visitor should miss.

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