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Singita Sweni Lodge

Singita Sweni Lodge
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Book a luxury break at Singita's smallest and most remote lodge where you can bask in the shade on the banks of Sweni River. Surrounded by stunning scenery, rare animals and luxurious accommodation, a true African getaway has never looked more stylish.

The lodge is perched on stilts and has decks of dark timber. Sweni Lodge's African style is a fusion of its ethnic artworks and earthenware pots with contemporary pieces against a dark palette with the occasional dash of lime, kiwi and avocado. The six suites at Sweni Lodge are set low at the water's edge and tucked away among the trees. The cuisine at Sweni Lodge is inspired by African flavours, yet guided by the Western culinary tradition. In summer, you can indulge in chilled fruity soups, sorbets and iced yoghurt smoothies. Salads and flame-grilled meats are served with homemade pickles and healthy vegetable salsas, and local ingredients enhance the flavours. Dinner, for example, will include Springbok fillets with a fresh papino, dill and ginger relish, as well as indigenous peppadews with a mixed green salad. Other delights include homemade breads, African aubergine pates, South African cheeses, roasted corn nuts and venison biltong. For winter, Sweni Lodge serves warming meals, such African peanut butter and butternut soup and kudu loin that's served on sweetcorn fritters with a chunky mushroom, thyme and leek sauce. On departure from Sweni Lodge, you can request a packed picnic, which will consist of fresh chocolate, hazelnut muffins, sandwiches and fresh fruits. To cater to your specific needs, Sweni Lodge's menus are tailor-made. Sweni Lodge has a comprehensive and unique wine cellar, with approximately thirty five thousand bottles of the finest South African wines. To ensure that they reach full potential, newly released red wines are matured in Singita's temperature-controlled Cape Town cellar. All drinks, except champagne, are included in the rate. These are premium wines, spirits and liqueurs. Sweni Lodge offers two open Land Rover safaris a day � one in the morning and one by spotlight at night. Guided bush walks are conducted by Singita's experienced game rangers and trackers.

Sweni Lodge also offers seasonal and community tours, as well as opportunities for some excellent shopping at the trading store.